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My Day As A Spice Girl

My day as a Spice Girl all started because I can’t go to my Orangetheory exercise class right now since I have injured my knee.  I was restless and felt like a couch potato.  Heck, I can’t even go for a 30 minute stroll (definitely not a power walk) right now without pain!  So, I was scrolling through Face Book and saw a post in my feed called  How Jane Does It and clicked.  Well, I was entertained for more time than I care to discuss here but got motivated to do SOMETHING besides sit!  I will warn you that Jen is in her early 40’s, married with two teenage boys and she has more energy than the Energizer Bunny.  Also, she’s a talker!  Her style of organization hit a note with me.  You would think that by now I would have this whole thing down but retirement has allowed me to ignore certain things and I seem to lose interest in a project or get tired or side-tracked.  Her 15 minutes a day zone routines make a lot of sense.

I clicked on her organizing spices video.  Before you stop reading this, smirk, and raise your eyebrows, give it a chance!  Honestly, it was cathartic!  I followed her system by lining up all my spices in alphabetical order on the counter and found that I had multiples because I didn’t plow through all of my little bottles in the past assuming I didn’t have what I needed and bought another.  Like Jen, I bought 9 small (9 inch) lazy Susans at Bed Bath & Beyond using my stack of coupons.  Here are my before and after photos.

Spice 1 BEFORE
Spice 1 AFTER

Watch her video for details on how to organize this part of your kitchen. Honestly, I’m hooked and since I still can’t exercise, I  have moved on to watch more of her videos and am giving the 15 minutes a day plan a go.  I’ll keep you posted on my progress.


Spice 2 AFTER
Spice 2 BEFORE

Why these two pictures of Spice 2 are backwards is beyond me and I couldn’t get them to swap or align.  I love technology!!!

One more thing, I was so disgusted with my Pittsburgh Steelers yesterday that I went on to clean and organize all of my kitchen cabinets after the spice success.  I also logged 7,503 steps yesterday!  Not bad for a Spice Girl with a bum knee who never left the house.  I guess housework has its advantages.

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