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Beef Stew, Winter Coats and Southern Living

Yes, my friends, this is what I wore to go to a meeting yesterday morning and I live in SW Florida!  I felt like I was back in PA.  When it gets cold in FL it feels much colder than it does in the north.  I heard a story on the TV news about cold weather myths in the south.  No, our blood does not thin but we may lose a layer of fat that keeps us warm.  That I find hard to believe because I think I have kept my layer and maybe added to it!  The story also stated that our capillaries help to register how cold we are and that changes the longer we live in the south.  Now that’s more believable!  In addition, we do not lose more body heat through our head but I don’t believe that either since a hat always kept me warmer.  I guess when faced with medical facts I still tend to hold onto my beliefs and that phenomena is researched in learning theory. Here’s the link to the video for you to make your own decision:  Cold Weather Myths

I digress since this post is really about making beef stew!

Since it was so cold yesterday and I had just read a recipe in the January 2018 issue of Southern Living for beef stew, I decided to make it.  It was wonderful!  It simmered all afternoon and I do believe that buying the chuck roast and cutting it up was far better than purchasing stew meat.  Click on Southern Living Beef Stew here to get the recipe.  I’ve included a few pictures below to entice you to try it. Heck, most of the country is frigid right now so it will warm you up with nice comfort food if you can get to the grocery store for the ingredients.

All the best, dear friends and I hope we all warm up soon!


Here’s the roast cut up, dregged in the flour mixture and browned.  I really think using the roast was a super idea!






The recipe called for 12 ounces of beer but there was only 11.2 ounces in one bottle.  Rather than skimp on the liquid, I opened a second bottle and felt compelled to drink the beer not used in the recipe.  Heck, it was afternoon so why not!  It seemed a shame to waste it.



The finished product!  I served it with warm biscuits and green salad.  Yum!



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