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Sunshine, Roof Rat and Dressing Room Diaries

The sun is finally shining and the world in SW Florida is drying out.  The flooding we have seen is nothing compared to the devastation in Houston and their surrounding areas.  During times like this, the good people of our land come out to help.  It confirms my belief that caring people abound and enormously outweigh those who choose take advantage of folks at this time.  God bless the American spirit and our willingness to care of those in need. There are many organizations out there helping the flood victims.  One to consider contacting is the American Red Cross.

My spirits were lifted this morning with the sun streaming in through the windows while reading articles in the paper about the humanitarian efforts locally and nationally.  Then my eyes wandered over to the view out my sliding doors and I saw something floating in my pool.  My greatest fear is snakes and I have chased a few away and managed to dip a few little black snakes from my pool but this was not a snake and without my glasses on it looked like a dark gray blob.  On closer inspection, I realized it was a dead mouse, or so I thought.  After posting a picture of the little critter on Facebook, a friend wrote that it was actually a roof RAT!  Now, rats sound much more ominous than mice.  These rats live on roofs and can produce 20 babies at a pop!  Lordy!  The pool guy is due to clean my pool today so I left the dead little rat to float to the skimmer for my pool knight in shining armor to remove.  It may be days before I get in the pool once he adjusts the chemicals!

To keep my mind off the rat situation, I decided it was a good time to run a few errands and pay a visit to the Loft store.  I had seen several other bloggers post this cute little dress and I was hesitant to order it online since it is a final sale, no returns.  I decided to see if my local store had it in stock.  They did, but unfortunately, a lady snapped up my size while I was there but she graciously let me try “her” dress on for size and it was love at first sight!  She had put the dress on hold while she left to get a manicure and returned while I was there.  If I hadn’t known that she was recovering from surgery and looked a bit pale and tired, I would have snatched it out of her hands once I tried it on.  Civility prevailed and my dress is on its way via USPS.  I think it’s perfect for my upcoming trip to Key West.  I ordered it in a small.  Here’s the link.  It’s 50% off the sale price right now.

Link to Floral Dress


I am going to Yellowstone, Cody and Rapid City next week.  Yellowstone has been a bucket list destination for me since I saw a picture of Old Faithful in my 4th grade textbook!  I had been following the weather and thought some long sleeve tops would be perfect.  They will be perfect for Yellowstone but it will be much warmer in Cody and Rapid City so I must rethink this whole packing thing!  I’m on a tour and we are encouraged to pack light and packing light is not my strength.  So while in the dressing room trying on the dress I was coveting that the other lady was purchasing, I decided to try on some new tops that will work for the trip and for Florida weather.  My dressing room philosophy is if you are getting undressed make it worth your while and try on many things that catch your eye.  Here’s everything I tried on but not everything made the cut!

Link to Plaid Cascade Sleeve Top

Link to Striped Square Neck Blouse


Link to Chambray Cold Shoulder Blouse


Link to Blue Print Blouse

So as not to give you indigestion and nausea, I’m posting the dead rat last!  Poor thing.

Wishing you sunshine, good thoughts for our fellow man and

dressing room diaries of your own.





2 thoughts on “Sunshine, Roof Rat and Dressing Room Diaries

  1. I love your blog Linda. The dress is adorable and my favorite outfits are square neck blouse and chambray top. All are very cute though. Have fun on your travels. I have not been to The Loft for years but I did notice they have some very cute clothes this season. Heading to website now.?

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