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Custom Phone Case

Happy almost Labor Day weekend!  Several of you have commented on my phone case.  That’s a picture of my “babies”  taken during a family vacation this summer.  Purchased from a great company with quick service and nice quality case.  I smile every time that I use my phone and see those cuties!  Click the link below for ordering information.  25% off through September 4.


Sunshine, Roof Rat and Dressing Room Diaries

The sun is finally shining and the world in SW Florida is drying out.  The flooding we have seen is nothing compared to the devastation in Houston and their surrounding areas.  During times like this, the good people of our land come out to help.  It confirms my belief that caring people abound and enormously outweigh those who choose take advantage of folks at this time.  God bless the American spirit and our willingness to care of those in need. There are many organizations out there helping the flood victims.  One to consider contacting is the American Red Cross.

My spirits were lifted this morning with the sun streaming in through the windows while reading articles in the paper about the humanitarian efforts locally and nationally.  Then my eyes wandered over to the view out my sliding doors and I saw something floating in my pool.  My greatest fear is snakes and I have chased a few away and managed to dip a few little black snakes from my pool but this was not a snake and without my glasses on it looked like a dark gray blob.  On closer inspection, I realized it was a dead mouse, or so I thought.  After posting a picture of the little critter on Facebook, a friend wrote that it was actually a roof RAT!  Now, rats sound much more ominous than mice.  These rats live on roofs and can produce 20 babies at a pop!  Lordy!  The pool guy is due to clean my pool today so I left the dead little rat to float to the skimmer for my pool knight in shining armor to remove.  It may be days before I get in the pool once he adjusts the chemicals!

To keep my mind off the rat situation, I decided it was a good time to run a few errands and pay a visit to the Loft store.  I had seen several other bloggers post this cute little dress and I was hesitant to order it online since it is a final sale, no returns.  I decided to see if my local store had it in stock.  They did, but unfortunately, a lady snapped up my size while I was there but she graciously let me try “her” dress on for size and it was love at first sight!  She had put the dress on hold while she left to get a manicure and returned while I was there.  If I hadn’t known that she was recovering from surgery and looked a bit pale and tired, I would have snatched it out of her hands once I tried it on.  Civility prevailed and my dress is on its way via USPS.  I think it’s perfect for my upcoming trip to Key West.  I ordered it in a small.  Here’s the link.  It’s 50% off the sale price right now.

Link to Floral Dress


I am going to Yellowstone, Cody and Rapid City next week.  Yellowstone has been a bucket list destination for me since I saw a picture of Old Faithful in my 4th grade textbook!  I had been following the weather and thought some long sleeve tops would be perfect.  They will be perfect for Yellowstone but it will be much warmer in Cody and Rapid City so I must rethink this whole packing thing!  I’m on a tour and we are encouraged to pack light and packing light is not my strength.  So while in the dressing room trying on the dress I was coveting that the other lady was purchasing, I decided to try on some new tops that will work for the trip and for Florida weather.  My dressing room philosophy is if you are getting undressed make it worth your while and try on many things that catch your eye.  Here’s everything I tried on but not everything made the cut!

Link to Plaid Cascade Sleeve Top

Link to Striped Square Neck Blouse


Link to Chambray Cold Shoulder Blouse


Link to Blue Print Blouse

So as not to give you indigestion and nausea, I’m posting the dead rat last!  Poor thing.

Wishing you sunshine, good thoughts for our fellow man and

dressing room diaries of your own.





Cabin Fever Comfort


I am so sick of this constant rain!  Cabin fever!  Fooling around with the Boomerang app so you know I am bored!  How did Noah’s wife survive all of those days on the ark?   Comfy stay inside clothes from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale but probably full price now.

        Links:                                          Nordstrom Top                                        Nordstrom Pants

Rain, Life and Fashion

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast last night and I feel for those residents!  It’s been many years since southwest Florida has taken a direct hit but I remember the experience well.  Boarding up the house, deciding to leave or stay, listening to the howling wind, days without electricity and living with hot humid weather!  It was a joy to go to work just to cool off!

We have had days and days of non-stop rain around here.  A nasty system has been hanging over our area dumping rain and sogginess around.  It’s not a chilling rain in Florida but it makes one want to stay inside and read and cook!

We were to leave for Key West on Thursday and all reservations and adventures were booked!  Then on Wednesday the Colonel got a call that meant we had to cancel our plans!  I was bummed since it was all planned about 2 months ago but flexibility prevailed and all reservations were moved to the end of September.  I’ve got something to look forward to as the days go by.

It seemed so odd to have nothing planned and a blank calendar for 4 days.  Add the rain into the mix and you would think I would have accomplished much on the home front.  Not so but a few other things filled the past two days including sharing some cute outfits with you below.

Some dear friends invited the Colonel and me to their club for happy hour followed by dinner to celebrate the Colonel’s birthday last night.  The man shies away from all celebrations but he went and had a fine time.  I had gotten the blue dress below for Key West so I was glad to have an excuse to wear it last night.  The dress was a steal at White House Black Market during their summer sale.  The navy lace jacket came from my favorite local boutique, Jennifer’s.  The store has been in Fort Myers for over 30 years and caters to women ages 35+.  The staff is wonderful and the pieces in the store are unique and practical.

White House Dress

The girls in the store suggested that I also wear the navy lace with dark jeans and a black tee.  It worked!  I’m also wearing Vaneli kitten heels I had purchased at Jennifer’s last spring.  They dress up many outfits.


This casual “athleisure” outfit is from Jennifer’s too.  It’s light weight for our Florida weather and perfect for this rainy day.  She has similar outfits in the store now too.

Maybe the sun will shine tomorrow.  Hopefully there’s a good Hallmark movie on tonight!  Wishing all of you sunshine…and happy shopping!

Run to Talbot’s for Summer Fun

RUN, don’t walk to Talbots this week before all of their new cute summer line is gone!  It has a tropical feel that will be just right for my upcoming trip to my happy place for my birthday, South Seas Island Resort on Captiva Island.  I am also going on a family cruise later this summer on Harmony of the Seas.  So, I couldn’t resist these tropical cuties.  No time to take selfies of the outfits but trust me on this one.  Nice discount now too.  Happy shopping my friends!

Outfit #1.  Loved this white embroidered top.  It can also be worn off the shoulders but I will probably pass on that option because it would involve a strapless bra and continual tugging and checking to make sure the top stays in place.  The orange slacks are ankle length.


Embroidered top:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/new-arrivals/_/N-3321363485?intcmp=20170424_home_row1_newarrivals

Orange pants:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/new-arrivals/_/N-3321363485?intcmp=20170424_home_row1_newarrivals

Outfits # 2 & #3.  This darling tropical skirt can be dressed up or down.  The yellow top is a dressier version for a nice dinner out and the tee makes it casual with flip flops.  At first I thought the embroidery on the tee was a bit busy for the skirt but it looks great and brings out the colors in the skirt.  Love this!


Tropical skirt:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/skirts/_/N-10434

Yellow top:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/new-arrivals/_/N-3321363485?intcmp=20170424_home_row1_newarrivals

Indigo top:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/tees-and-knits/_/N-10537

Outfit #4.  I love white and navy together.  This is a trendy top but not so full that it is reminiscent of my maternity tops from way back when!  I will pair this with white shorts, white capris and white jeans.

Navy top:  https://www.talbots.com/online/browse/blouses-and-shirts/_/N-10157

What do you think of my choices?  Have you purchased any of the new line?  Leave me a comment.  Sign up on the right to get e-mail updates.  Promise there aren’t many.


Spring Shopping at the Loft and Talbot’s

Our few days of winter Florida weather are finally over.  I got to wear sweaters two days in a row and put on sweats and socks in the evening to watch TV.  As a Floridian, I can say good riddance!  The sun is shining and it’s 80 degrees outside.  The sunshine and a sale announcement from Talbot’s lured me out of the house today and I must say I fell off the no shopping wagon and found a few things that will lead right into spring.

The Loft is hit or miss for me.  I walked past the Loft on my way to Talbot’s and the signage drew me inside.  The sale rack in the back of the store had this cute top calling my name.

Red floral henley blouse

I was able to get 25% off the marked down price.


Talbot’s was offering 25% off all full-priced items through February 8.  So, not much time to get there, ladies.  The two items I found at Talbot’s speak spring to me and I can wear them right now.  Here they are with links to their online catalog.

Navy and white peplum top which also comes in red and white


Striped shift dress in green

The link only shows it in navy but my store had it in this lovely spring green.



Happy springtime shopping!  What have you bought lately?  Leave me a comment.

Bright Cellars

I love wine!  It has been my drink of choice for many years.  However, I am not a wine connoisseur and can get over-whelmed in places like ABC Liquor and Total Wine.  The employees are very helpful and I always leave with some good choices but I am really cheap when it comes to purchasing those bottles.  Geeze, I could buy a pair of shoes for the cost of some wines!  Funny thing is, when dining out and ordering wine I don’t flinch at the price of a glass which often is equal to my going price for a whole bottle.  I think it’s the social aspect.

I like wine tastings and have found some really nice wines at them but my new favorite way to get different wines that suit my tastes and pocketbook is Bright Cellars.  You begin by filling out an online questionnaire that discerns your taste preferences.  After you place your order, the wine concierge sends an e-mail telling you when your bottles will be shipped, a list of the wines included in your box and a description of each. Usually they send 2 whites and 2 reds but I’m strictly a white girl and noted that to the company. Below is an example of one of my shipments.



I have been very impressed with the customer service, each bottle arrives wrapped in tissue and the company includes a flyer related to wine information.  My boxes usually cost $68.00.  There is no minimum number of boxes to order and you can suspend your deliveries as I did during Lent when I gave up wine!

If you’d like to give Bright Cellars a try, click on the link below and you will receive $30 off your first box.  Let me know what you think of the service if you give it a go.  http://www.brightcellars.com/?rn=LindaSerro

S’well Drinking Bottle

Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think I would spend $45 for a designer water bottle but alas I have gotten sucked into the craze of S’well drinking bottles.  I had never heard of them until my office manager showed up with one. I purchased the 25 ounce version to keep me hydrated and knowing that it would actually hold a bottle of wine!  How clever.water bottle 2


Besides being stylish, the bottle keeps liquids cold for 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours.  I cannot personally attest to those claims but my water stays cold even when the bottle sits in my car in our Florida heat.  The company was started by a woman who took on the mission of reducing the number of plastic water bottles and to support charities whose mission is to provide clean water for children in developing countries.  Read more about this company, their mission and their products at  this S’Well link. Did I mention that the bottles are hand painted too?

Be careful where you order your bottle to be sure that the guarantee is honored.  I ordered mine from Nordstrom and had free shipping and quick service.  There are many different colors and styles to choose from but blue is my favorite color so therefore my choice!  Click on the Nordstrom link to surf for other choices.

If you purchase one, send me a comment.  In fact, if you already have one, let me know how you like it by clicking on the comment link above and leave a message.  Happy shopping, my environmentally responsible stylish drinkers out there!

Stitch Fix Saved Me

Stitch Fix has saved me!  That might sound a bit over the top but what I mean is Stitch Fix saved me from myself!  Anyone who knows me well will attest to my love of shopping and I must admit my closets have been overly stocked!  I love the thrill of the hunt and touching the items so why would I gush over a company that sends me items in the mail that I never selected?  Simple, it keeps me out of the stores (pretty much) and I have a personal shopper.  When the box arrives I get the shopping thrill and can’t wait to tear into that box to see what I got. I can try the selections on at home with items I already own.  All of this excitement for a styling fee of $20 which can be applied to anything I buy.  The things I don’t want go back to Stitch Fix in a pre-paid envelope after I ponder the beautiful things they send for 3 days.

Another reason I love this company is the items Stitch Fix stocks are generally exclusive and not found in stores!  I don’t see myself walking down the street unless I run into another Stitch Fix groupie! I’ve also noticed that Stitch Fix is able to style women of all ages even those near retirement age like me. Finally, the stylist always writes a personal note that includes ideas on how to style the items along with style cards showing two different ways to wear each item.  It’s wonderful, I tell you!

red top front2

I’m seriously trying to cut back on what I buy and spreading out my Stitch Fix boxes over months is very helpful.  More on how the company works later but for now I want to share my latest fix.

My box arrives with items neatly wrapped in tissue.

Box 2I had asked my stylist to send bright spring colors, no work clothes and maybe some flats.  I had also pinned some ideas on my Pinterest style board that Stitch Fix had posted as new items.  Christina certainly delivered!

I had read that Stitch Fix was adding shoes and look what I got in my box!  FFX New York Brooke Two-Tone Flats that go perfectly with a top you’ll see later.  They come in a cute bag too.  Love these shoes and kept them.


The next surprise was the tote that I had pinned on my Pinterest board.  I love the zippers and snap closure so things do not fall out.  There are pockets inside large enough to hold my i-phone 6s and a nice lining.  Octavia South Hampton Tote.  Kept it too.


Next up is an orange top.  I styled it with black jeans, the new shoes and new tote.  Love it!  There is mesh detailing on the shoulders and a zipper front.  Pixley Jimson Zipper Detail Top.  Kept it!

orange top and bagorange top side

mesh top2

I had requested a red top and I love the style of this one.  A bit of a peasant look but not too flowy. Daniel Rainn Bienville Button Down Top.  Kept.

red top side

The only item from this fix I did not keep are the Mercer Cory Distressed Skinny Jeans that I’m wearing with the red top.  I liked the fit and color but really can’t justify paying $108.00 for a pair of jeans with holes in them!  Not my style so they went back.  If I had kept them, I would have gotten 25% off of the entire order.

I highly recommend trying Stitch Fix.  There is no long term commitment and you decide how often you want a “FIX”. You fill out a detailed survey about styles you like, sizes, colors, etc.  There is a section to write a personal note to your stylist before your fix.  That’s where I mention items I saw on their blog or customer reviews, colors, upcoming events, etc. to help my stylist with my selections.  I don’t always keep everything and at least once I sent it all back but I often get things I would have never picked and end up loving them and wearing them often.

If you’d like to give Stitch Fix a try, please use my referral code and I’ll get a $25 credit.  When you refer you’ll get the credit also.  Happy Shopping!

Stitch Fix Referral Link

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