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Feb 07

New Reads in 2017

I belong to two different book clubs and this New Year my reading has been limited to the books chosen by those two groups. The first book I read was The Nix by Nathan Hill.  This seems to be a book you either love or hate.  I have spoken to no one who is in …

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Dec 04

Behind on my book list!

Hello, friends.  I am way behind on my book list posts.  Here are some books I have read since my last post.  I liked them all!  If you are from Pennsylvania, you might enjoy The Woman in the Photo, since the setting is the Johnstown flood.

Jul 20

Summer Reads

After You by JoJo Moyes is the sequel to Me Before You and follows the characters from Me Before You. After Will’s passing, Louisa Clark struggles to find a purpose and path in life. She returns home after a freak accident and feels like she’s right back where she was before she met Will. She …

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Apr 08

Me Before You

The reviewers were so right, this is definitely a chick book!  You will definitely get involved with the characters and will truly hope things turn out differently but they don’t!  Will Traynor is the alpha male, very successful, athletic, wealthy, handsome, beautiful girlfriend.  That is his lifestyle until one day he is in a terrible …

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Mar 22

Big Little Lies

This is one book that’s hard to put down! Three mothers of kindergarten children are the key players. On orientation day for their kindergarten children, the three women meet and become close friends even though their friendship seems to be unlikely. Madeline is dealing with an ex-husband who was never involved with their daughter and …

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Mar 04

Current Reads

I have read three books so far in 2016 and enjoyed all of them.  As I think about them, they each had a strong female character and were historical fiction from different centuries.  I never started out looking for that genre but I suppose I am drawn to that kind of book.  I like reading about life …

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