A Retired Professor


I am an educator and have been since I first started teaching my dolls a long time ago before I tortured my sister as my “pupil”.  I am a founding faculty member at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, Florida.  I have watched this campus grow from swamp land to a beautiful campus and from 2,500 students to over 14,000 in 20 years.  I’ve been a professor, chair, associate dean and most recently director of the Lucas Center for Faculty Development.  I feel honored to have been able to finish my career “birthing” this center and seeing my vision and that of my colleagues come to fruition.

I will miss teaching, the interaction with colleagues and working at the university very much but I look forward to discovering other avenues to keep my mind active.  I look forward to the freedom to explore and wake up wondering what day and date it is since I won’t be living by a calendar anymore.

This blog grew out of my desire to chronicle my life changes and my journey through reinvention.  I suppose you would categorize it as a “life style” blog since I have chosen my topics from a variety of interests.  I hope to travel, read books of my choice, try new recipes, exercise, take classes, enjoy my family, continue to read about higher education and faculty development and volunteer in my community.  Hmmm, when will I sleep?

I live in southwest Florida and it is truly paradise.  The beach is close by, there’s a pool in my back yard, most days I can sit out in the sunshine to read and ponder ideas while deer wander through just feet away.  Life is good.

I hope to reinvent my professional life to include consulting work and would enjoy the opportunity to share what I know about topics such as:

  1. Starting and sustaining a teaching and learning center
  2. Mentoring faculty
  3. Supporting faculty during their early years
  4. Organizing faculty book clubs
  5. Organizing faculty learning communities
  6. Classroom pedagogy
  7. Developing a new faculty academy.

Life begins after retirement…or so I’ve been told.

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